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The Juvenile Defense Attorney Who Cares

The Law Office of Sylvia Escobedo, located in Houston, cares about the outcome of juvenile defendants. Children who are charged with a crime deserve maximum opportunities for education and rehabilitation so they can correct the potential consequences of their actions as soon as possible. Rely on attorney Sylvia Escobedo to help achieve a productive outcome.

Juveniles may not fully understand the consequences of their actions, or they may be in a situation in which they are not supported at home. Ms. Escobedo works aggressively within the juvenile court system in Harris County to ensure a child you care about receives the attention they deserve throughout their case.

Decades Of Experience; Trusted Qualifications.

Ms. Escobedo is highly qualified to take on juvenile cases. Before starting her own practice, she served as a county prosecutor where she gained vital insight into the criminal justice system. She understands the tactics the state will use when pursuing juvenile cases and will work expertly in defense of your child. Her experience taking on sensitive juvenile defenses cases has earned her a reputation as an aggressive and intelligent attorney.

No case is too small or too severe to deserve the attention of Sylvia Escobedo. She takes on all juvenile and criminal defense cases including:

  • Vandalism
  • Shoplifting and theft
  • DUI and drug possession
  • Gang-related activity
  • Aggravated robberies
  • Murder and aggravated felonies

A juvenile conviction can impact the well-being of a child for the rest of their life. Do not wait to contact a qualified juvenile defense attorney today.

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