Like many of his or her classmates, your child works hard to earn good grades and prepare for life after high school. This makes sense, as obtaining a bachelor’s degree is a good way to increase earnings potential. Still, if your son or daughter is facing criminal charges, there may be some unexpected educational consequences in his or her future. 

From underage drinking to online bullying, there are many ways for any teenager to run afoul of the law. As a parent, you may want to emphasize the importance of staying out of legal trouble. If your child is already confronting criminal charges, you also likely must work diligently to minimize the negative effect on your teen’s future. Here are some ways that criminal charges may interfere with your child’s educational plans: 

Obtaining financial aid 

Whether your child wants to attend an in-state public school or an out-of-state private one, you likely know how expensive a college degree can be. Fortunately, government-backed financial aid is available to many students. If your child has a criminal record, though, he or she may become ineligible for some types of grants, loans and scholarships. 

Securing student housing 

Your teen is probably looking forward to taking full advantage of the collegiate experience. Living in the dorms is an integral part of student life. Still, if the student in your family has a criminal record, he or she may have to contend with a dormitory ban. Finding off-campus housing may also be difficult, as many landlords perform background checks and reject individuals with criminal histories. 

Gaining admission 

You want your son or daughter to compete for a slot at his or her first-choice school. Nevertheless, if your child’s behavior violates a university’s code of conduct, he or she may not be able to gain admission. Additionally, criminal conduct while attending school may result in suspension or expulsion. 

Clearly, obtaining a college degree is a brilliant idea for many Texas teens. By understanding the consequences of a criminal record, you can better plan for ensuring your young one receives the education that he or she deserves.