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A Criminal Defense Attorney With 20 Years Of Experience

The Law Office of Sylvia Escobedo was founded to give juveniles and adults a fighting chance in the criminal justice system. As a former Harris County prosecutor, Sylvia Escobedo has seen how the consequences of a criminal conviction can affect the lives of children, adults and family members for life. It is difficult to move on from a conviction of a serious crime. Ms. Escobedo is here to help mitigate the potential consequences of a conviction.

The Law Office of Sylvia Escobedo, located in Houston, is focused on the resolution of your case and optimism for your future after an arrest. The law recognizes that many juveniles and adults are good people who have made bad mistakes. Drug and alcohol treatment, probation and alternative sentencing are often available for juveniles and people charged with a crime for the first time.

Helping You Maximize Your Options After An Arrest

Ms. Escobedo works hard to provide you with honest, straightforward advice and tenacious representation. Her approach is designed to help you maximize your options for resolution of your case after an arrest.

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Ms. Escobedo sets herself apart in her work for juveniles and concerned parents. With 20 years of legal experience, she is well-equipped to handle sensitive cases involving juveniles and adults from all walks of life, including cases where Child Protective Services is involved.

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Contact the Law Office of Sylvia Escobedo in Houston today to discuss options for your case. Parents and guardians and loved ones are welcome to call about a case involving a family member. Call 346-320-8319 or send an email to get in touch with Ms. Escobedo.